MAHEEDA TURNS NEW LEAF? …Poses fully clothed


Controversial music artiste and online nudist, Maheeda, has obviously gotten a lot of attention from posting her nude and racy pictures online.

However, the former Gospel singer is also trying to prove to her fans and followers that she has different sides to her, and everything around her doesn’t have to revolve around nudity.

She uploaded the above pictures on her Instragram page, and we think she looks so ‘corporate’ and ‘serious.’

She captioned one of the pictures thus, “That very good bad girl…I holy join sef#lmao.”

On another picture, she wrote, “Truth is I’m learning to get used to my natural self too…I ask the same question to my mirror, ‘Hey Caroline, have we met before? You look too dark and different.’ Hahaha…but I’m a strong woman; it’s a gift haters don’t have.”

However, we’re not sure if Maheeda has started liking clothes again or she just decided to do something different.

Well, a close watch on her Instagram page will provide the answer.





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I WANT TO BE REBORN- 9ICE …Parties with Sean Tizzle, Kiss Daniel

Popular indigenous singer and “Gongo Aso” exponent, Abolore Akande aka 9ice wishes he can turn back the hands of time.

The lanky singer uploaded some pictures on his Instragram page and captioned one of them, “Fahrid at 10…I want to be reborn.”
It should be recalled that the singer-turned politician contested in the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s party primaries last year to represent the Ogbomosho North/Ogbomosho South/Orire Federal Constituency. Though he eventually lost out, the ebony-hued singer has not lost faith, as he has been visible on the APC campaign trail, and sharing quite a few selfies with the incumbent Oyo State governor, Sen. Abiola Ajimobi on his social media pages.

9ice has obviously just learnt some secrets of life; no wonder he wants to go back in time to apply them to his life. Sadly, nobody ever gets that chance!




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I can  remember how as a kid, I and my siblings and friends would be so happy whenever our parents left us alone in the house. It was usually ‘mad’ fun having the whole house to ourselves (and the maid) in those days. It was always our chance to pratice all we had been planning in our mischievious little heads. We would run all over the house, displacing furnitures, overturning shelves, and playing games.

One of the games that comes to mind right now is ‘Mummy and Daddy.’ It was a make-believe pastime that involved mimicking our parents, or what we watched in films. In all those years, we played the game with many variations (mummy in the kitchen, in the living room, at work, in school…you name it), but we never for once played MUMMY and MUMMY or DADDY and DADDY.

Furthermore, as a graduate of Biological Sciences, I make bold to say that I am quite conversant with the sexual behaviours and reproductive patterns of animals, of which human beings are one.

I can remember vividly how my Biology teacher when I was in Senior Secondary School (SS1) explained laboriously to us the types of reproduction. He told us that our hormones were the reasons why we had feelings for the girls and vice versa. Nobody asked him a question on what hormones makes guys get attracted to other guys. At that stage, homosexuality was as alien to us as a man marrying a goat: unthinkable! The teacher further explained that reproduction occurs only after sexual intercourse between a MAN and a WOMAN.

When I got to the university, I carried out a library-load of research on animals and their behaviours. Their reproduction is largely similar to that of humans; only that some animals can reproduce without having sexual intercourse (asexual reproduction), which in layman terms simly means ‘self-division.’ None of them mates intra-gender!

Growing further, as a Christian, I was taught about the sanctity of marriage. Of how, marriage is a divine convenant between a MAN and WOMAN for companionship and kids. I wasn’t taught that two women could enter a union together, talk less of marriage.

I would be the first to admit that change is the only thing constant in life, and that many of the things I was taught or knew while growing up have changed drastically. However, change shouldn’t just occur for change sake. Mind you, not all change is good. I’m sure my great-grandma, if she could, would have multiple heart attacks in her grave right now at the mere thought of two guys kissing themselves fully on the lips.

I have never seen myself as an ethnicist or bigot of whatever kind, but I must admit, I hate the whole concept of being gay. It goes against everything that has been ingrained in me: educationally, spiritually, morally, ethically etc.

Indeed, it can be very difficult to be a journalist! I’m not talking about the constant and overbearing pressure of deadlines, or the late nights.

I’m simply talking about how difficult it could be to stick to one of the basic tenets of this noble profession: objectivity!

Everytime I read any article bordering on this touchy subject, I cringe inwadly whenever anyone villifies President Jonathan for signing the Anti-Gay bill into law. The last time I checked, a good law is one which favours majority of the population and not a minority. I’m not saying the minority should be discrimated against, but their RIGHTS should not be exalted over the majority.

As members of the fourth estate of the realm, journalists are watchdogs of the society, and from what I’ve gathered, the people do not want gay marriage. If President Jonathan had done otherwise, I’m sure his name would forever top the list of worst and devious Nigerian presidents.

I know that a lot of scientific studies and research have been carried out as to what ‘makes’ people gay with many arguing that it is only a natural phenomenom because the affected persons can’t help feeling that way.

However I ask, why are mentally deranged serial killers jailed for satisfying their NATURAL craving of taking lives? Why do we bother to take paedophiles to court for rape; since underage kids are their NATURAL preference, they should be let loose right?

This isn’t about culture, religion, or whatever anybody chooses to call it, this is about us, and our IDENTITY. If more than 92% of the population are repulsed by the idea of homosexuality, do we still need rocket scientists to tell us that it’s alien concept to us?

For all those ‘forming’ over-civilization, if taking it through the anus as a man is the new meaning of civilization, then I’d prefer remaining a ‘bush-man’like my fore-fathers were before me.

I subscribe to the civilization that would see my country manufacturing planes and other cutting-edge technologies, not one that will debase our already battered morals and values!

To all the foreign media outlets, governments and gay rights groups who have been unleashing all types of threats, the message is clear: you cannot tell us WHO WE ARE, and what WE SHOULD DO. Let’s decide that ourselves..oops, seems like we already it, WE DON’T WANT IT!

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Dear Mad Nigerians,
I am not one to jump on bandwagons, but in this case, I would have to go against one of my unwritten rules, and copy the likes of the ex-President of this great nation; the sitting President and a former Senator of the Federal Republic (I believe you know the people I’m talking about).
This is my message to you all.
First, you may be reading this letter thinking that it does not concern you because you’re not MAD! Because you are properly dressed, can operate a Blackberry or Android phone, you think that makes you sane?
Or simply because you have a job, a family, take care of your responsibilities, and you don’t talk to yourself? Do you really think that qualifies you as not insane?
Well, I don’t blame you, because I also used to think that way. I used to think I was a normal boy with no mental illness whatsoever, but thank God, I’m wiser now. I’m proud to say I’m a MAD Nigerian! After all, they say the first step to healing is to admit that you’re sick.
Many of you are MAD but don’t know it. Pardon my bluntness, but ya’ll are sick in the head.
One of the characteristics of MAD men is that they often do things that go against logic and reasoning, and most of the time, they don’t even know that they’re mad. As a matter of fact, they believe that it is others that are mad.
Many of you go to churches and mosques and still go against what they preach. Because you’re MAD!
Only a MAD man will pray to God before (or AFTER) defrauding another person. In this country, it is not unusual to see MAD people praising God because they just got a bank alert that the cheque they got fraudulently has cleared.
What about the mentally deranged men and women who traffic hard drugs? Those ones fast and pray before ingesting the banned substances.
Their MADNESS has made them unable to think correctly that the God they so shamelessly call, stands only on the side of the righteous and upright. A lot of MAD people steal, lie shamelessly, fornicate and run to church the next day singing choruses at the top of their voices. Because of their MADNESS, they think this means that their sins have been forgiven. How absurd! 
Dear Mad Nigerians, have you ever wondered why it seems we only get mad leaders? It’s because people always get leaders that are like them; since we’re MAD, our leaders must also be…
The other day, one man came attempting to rule a failing nation of over 150 million people. The nation was on the brink of collapse; every sector had gone practically comatose, and yet the only manifesto of this man was that HE HAD NO SHOES while growing up.
What kind of people will be inspired by such a mundane claim to vote him in as President, in the 21st century no less? Your guess is as good as mine: only MAD people.
Only MAD people will lynch and burn suspected thieves to death on the streets for stealing ordinary N100, yet they cheer when the thieves who loot billions, drive by.
MAD people are very gullible, so they believe anything.
Only a MAD person will buy just two cars for over N255m; in a country where wretchedness reigns supreme.
Recently, in this country of MAD men, a controversial pastor was arrested by the police on allegations of ritual killing. A member of this pastor’s church confessed that it was the pastor that sent him to kill the girl and get her excreta for ritual purposes.
Fine, the pastor is not guilty until he has been pronounced so by a competent court of law, but it is striking to note that when this pastor was released on bail and got back to church (full of mad people, of course), he raised this prayer point, “God will use your shame to announce you. If you want that to be your portion, come forward now with your special seed.” Choi, we have suffered in this country!
If it was in other climes where there are sane people, the pastor wouldn’t even meet anybody in the church! But in this country of MAD men, a lot of the MAD people were even struggling with themselves to be among the ‘lucky’ few that would drop their offerings. Meanwhile, this same MAD people will not spare ordinary N50 for a beggar on the streets.
Instances abound where clerics would sleep with their MAD members with the promise of fruit of the womb.
You may wonder, don’t this MAD people read their Bibles at all that they would be so deceived and preyed upon by vampires in cassock?
One of the numerous consequences of this ugly development is that many have stopped and some are considering stopping churches altogether.
It is unfortunate that we have now confused RELIGION with MADNESS. We do a lot of things, thinking we are RELIGIOUS, yet we are only showing signs of MADNESS.
If it’s any consolation, this MADNESS has spread to other parts of the world.
Just last week, a South-African pastor had asked his congregation to eat grass, and like the MAD FLOCK that they are, they started devouring grass as if it were rice and beans.

Please don’t talk to me about FAITH, because that’s not what this is. You resume at your job every day, but don’t put in your best. You just while away the time simply because the boss is not your relative. Yet you pray for promotion, and rush to drop generous offerings when pastors call for prayer point. When you do this, you’re not exhibiting FAITH, you’re just showing us that you’re MAD. God deals with process, and the Bible says, “No food for a lazy man.”
In writing this letter to you Dear Mad Nigerians, I am not offering any panacea or solution.
We shouldn’t kid ourselves about being a righteous Bible loving people, we are all a bunch of pretentious, MAD hypocrites.
We are obviously not righteous; for we wouldn’t be one of the most corrupt nations on earth if we were.
We have turned ordinary human beings into gods all in the desperate quest for miracles. Because of the poor situation of things in the country, many have lost belief that their hard work can fetch them anything. That is why they would jump up in frantic excitement when the pastor declares that they would get things they do not merit. Everybody wants to be millionaires without working for it, and they think God will help them achieve that.
Sorry, even if you’re MAD, God is not. Repent before it’s too late!

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Funke “Fuzzyberry” Amigun has all the characteristics of a diva. With her skin glowing in a distinct ebony hue, she is one lady that will make the blood of any man go warm. She is an undergraduate of the Olabisi Onabanjo University, and she has such a cheerful, charming and friendly personality that almost everybody wants to become her friend. Added to all this, is her unique sense of fashion which has gotten her a couple of awards. I spoke with her during the week…


Tell me a bit about yourself.

My name is Amigun Olufunke aka FuziBerry. I’m in my early twenties. I’m a final year student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye Ogun State, studying Industrial and Labor relations. I’m a native Of Ekiti State and the second born of the family. I love cooking, looking good (lol) and hanging out with friends.

You were recently nominated for Most Popular; how did you become so popular in school?

Yes, I was recently nominated for the Quintessential Award for Best Dressed and Most Popular. I have also won some previous awards like Cool & Calm personality and Most Influential personality.  I love being with people, and I guess that’s what made me popular. I don’t look down on anyone. I assist in any way I can, and I’m very active in academics and social activities in my school. I’m the Assistant Class Representative of my class.


How do you cope with male fans on campus considering your popularity?

I relate well with them, and they give me my respect. It’s all good.


To you, whats the difference between fashion and style?

To me, fashion is all about the latest trends. It evolves and revolves with improvement. Style is left to the individual; or how he or she is able to effortlessly create the right combination to blend. Style is all about Research, Experiment and Creativity. It’s all about Self expression.


What fashion item will you spend the most on?

Shoes, and I’m also getting addicted to belts of late.

What wouldn’t you be caught wearing?

Too much accessories and make up.

Who’s your favourite designer?

Burberry, Yves saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani.

What do you have to say about the ongoing ASUU strike?

Basically, the government needs to heed ASUU’s demands. The educational sector seriously needs to be looked into. Just because the children of the elite and those in power don’t school there doesn’t mean the sector should be neglected. The more students are at home,  social vices will keep increasing, and in a way, it will also affect the rich. I’m pleading; they should please call off the strike, its frustrating.

Parting words to ladies about fashion?

Fashion is all about you. What you wear speaks volumes about you. Keep doing what brings you joy, and I bet you will do it effortlessly. Fuzzyberry sign out with Love. Follow me on Twitter: @fuziberry; Facebook: Fuziberry Amigun.

Catch you later.


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Fast rising singer, producer and song writer, Osazuwa J. Alile a.k.a Sazzy Alile, is an extremely hardworking bundle of talents. Born into a musical family, Sazzy is unrelenting in carving a niche for himself in the industry.

On his latest single, “Te Amo,” Sazzy teamed up with another gifted act, Mofame, to deliver an afrocentric style of music which is a mixture of afro, hip hop, jazz and soul.

According to Sazzy, “I don’t limit myself when doing music; I’m not scared to explore other genres.”

On what motivated the song title, he said, “Te Amo means ‘I love you.’ I always say that to my Spanish girlfriend, so I just decided to put the word into music.”

Sazzy has been making music since the early 2000s, and he has worked with a lot of established and upcoming acts in the industry.

With the level of skill and finesse put into his latest work, it is evident that party lovers will fall in love with the song.

You can download and enjoy for yourself ( 

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peu_20130504_979 (1)Fast rising singer, Babatunde Raji, adoringly called Caddy Tunes by his teeming fans, has released the much anticipated video for his highly inspirational track, “Ori.”
The song preaches the message that anybody can make it in life provided that the person is hardworking and focused. With a very high picture quality, it is evident that the video will be a hit among music lovers. It currently enjoys heavy airplay on TV stations across the country.
On the motivation behind the song, the heavy-set body building and good looking dude stated, “Considering all I’ve been through; the challenges, struggles and everyday hustles. It’s basically a song to inspire everybody, both young and old.”
The velvety voiced crooner who was recently a guest on MTV’s The Big Friday Show informed our correspondent that he believes in standing out from the crowd. He declared that, “My sound is way unique. I tried as much as possible to stand out of the crowd with the song and video concept…not the usual girls dancing and shaking their bums, or glorifying alcoholism. I tried to keep it as clean as possible.”
On his advice to upcoming entertainers like himself, the Bowen University graduate waxed philosophical as he said, “The palm of the hand never deceives, so upcoming talents should stay true to themselves and be open to criticisms. Never fake it because if you’ve got it, you’ve got it. They should also try as much as possible to fulfil all that concerns education because it is the best legacy. I’m a graduate of Business Administration and I served the nation in Abia. If they put God first in all things they do, they’ll be unstoppable.”
You can listen to Caddy’s song through this link: (ORI!! (AUDIO). You can also enjoy the video via Youtube (Video link….. )
peu_20130504_980 (1)

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